Wesclin CUSD #3 Building Referendum


More Space, More Opportunity For Wesclin CUSD #3

In the fall of 2009, the State of Illinois passed legislation to establish funding for school districts that qualify for building facilities if they meet certain criteria.  Due to Wesclin's significant number of students attending school in leased facilities and the lack of space in the high school for a variety of programming needs, an application to receive construction grant money was filed in January 2010 with the goal of building a new high school facility and converting our current Junior/Senior High School building to an attendance center that would likely serve grades 4-8.

During the week of June 28, 2010, Wesclin School District received official "entitlement" notification from the Illinois State Board of Education stating that Wesclin is well-positioned and qualifies to receive approximately 59% funding from the State of Illinois to build a new high school.  The estimated cost for a new high school facility for Wesclin is $23.3 million, which would mean the Wesclin School District would be required to fund $9.6 million of the construction cost and the State of Illinois would pay the remaining $13.7 million.  The residents of the Wesclin School District will be asked to approve the selling of construction bonds in November 2010 to build a new high school facility, which would provide the matching funds required by the Wesclin School District.